Nokia World: The Mangoes are coming!

Nokia World begins in London next Wednesday and last night at AsiaD Andy Lees, president of Windows Phone, had a few things to say about Nokia’s plans for the event. Bearing in mind that we all love Windows Phone here at Digixav (with the possible exception of Bada-mad Chris), this is great news for us so head past the break to read what he had to say.

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BREAKING: Asus announce Tegra 3 Transformer Prime, PadFone with ICS

Speaking at AsiaD, Asus CEO Jonney Shih made two surprise announcements. The long awaited Transformer Prime and the PadFone will both ship in Q1 and more details can be found past the break. (Hint: we have quad core and Ice Cream Sandwich!)

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PPF: The TouchPad Zombie returns with David Guetta

Hello and welcome to PPF: Product Placement Fail. In this feature we will highlight failed bits of product placement by tech companies. Please feel free to send yours in to

First up is HP. The DOA TouchPad has been dead for 2 months, but that hasn’t stopped French music-maker (if you call his productions music) David Guetta from being paid by HP to feature one in his new video. The video for the ironically titled Without You hit YouTube last Friday, advertising a long dead piece of tech that had potential. Enjoy the PPF. The song isn’t good.