The Poll: Are you in favour of Occupy Flash?

In case you didn’t know, Occupy Flash FTW.


The Poll: What is your favourite web browser?

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WP7 AOTW: MegaTile

This weeks App Of The Week for Windows Phone 7 is MegaTile.

This app allows you to create custom tiles to pin to the Metro UI home screen of your Windows Phone. This tile can be customized to fill a number of different functions from linking to a specific web page to acting as a speed dial for a single contact. This app is made even better by the fact that you can use a picture from your photo album as the image on the tile. In addition, such images can spread over multiple tiles relating to a single topic.

This is a great app which is a must have for all WP7 users who yearn for that extra bit of customisation.

MegaTile, Windows Phone 7, £0.79

Download from the Marketplace or visit the website

Digixav Gaming!

Hello there,

Chris, having endlessly been telling me about Skyrim for 2 weeks, expressed an interest into bringing gaming news, reviews and biased opinions to Digixav.

Needing some sleep having been forced to wake up at 5am today for the Lord Mayor’s Show, I said yes.

And therefore a new gaming section has launched here, with the editorial talents of Bada-man Steinberg, the occasional review thing from me and a NEW member of staff in the form of serial commenter and PS3 fanatic Euan McGinty. Please welcome him with open arms.

Enjoy the posts to come,


The Poll: What is the best tablet at the moment?

iOS AOTW: GarageBand

From now on I will be doing (roughly once a week) a post on a good iOS app and what I think about it. Today we get a first party app called GarageBand.

It’s GarageBand. On iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Need I say more?

GarageBand, iOS, £2.99

Download from the App Store or visit the website