Steve Jobs impersonated to sell another worthless Android tablet

A small Taiwanese company has tried to promote its new Action Pad tablet by getting an actor to portray Steve Jobs with wings and a halo. Disgusting.


Bad taste. Is nothing off-limits anymore?

I’m always up for a good satire but this Action Electronics’ video promo airing on Taiwanese for the Action Pad misses the mark. It’s not the turtle neck, stage, or even the premise. For me it’s the angel wings and halo. The little props takes the ad from a tasteless parody to an absurd stunt. But personal feelings aside, this company won. Their ad spot went viral and the Action Pad won’t go unnoticed.

PC World spoke with an Action Electronics’ spokesperson who indicated they’re not trying to “use his death.” She added “This is not meant to make fun of Jobs.”

The tablet in question is just another budget 7-inch Android tablet. It runs Android 2.3.3 and costs 6990 yuan ($236 USD) — nothing special besides the marketing.

The commercial started airing on Taiwanese TV late last month. The company even held…

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