Things That Should Exist: Electric slippers

This week I want to talk about something that I do in fact hold very close to my heart: my slippers.

Overall. and slightly off topic I admit, I have to say that slippers are completely underrated. They come in all different shapes and sizes ranging from small ones to big ones. I know – fantastic idea. There are also so many different designs. You could, for example, go for a pair that looks like a furry little animal or just a simple plain blue pair. Or, if you’re really cool, go for a pair that look like feet.

Foot Slippers

Now – back on to my main point about what should exist somewhere in the whole wide world. Warm-up slippers are my first idea for these wonderful devices. I’ve seen things like this but I’m not talking about slippers that you can put in the microwave to heat up before you wear them. I’m talking about slippers that you can actually switch on with a small electrical heater somewhere in the shoe.

I feel that I could greatly benefit from this as I tend not to wear socks at home so, when my feet are getting a bit chilly, I could simply slip on a pair of electric slippers! Of course you’d have to sort out the safety features, and make sure they don’t set on fire, but otherwise I feel this could be a great invention.

My next idea is for the people who normally clean up after themselves and have to do some sort of housework every now and again. The idea is that you can magnetise the soles of the slippers, using some sort of magical thing that I don’t really understand, so that, as you walk around the house, in your bedroom, on your carpet or wherever, your slippers pick up any stray dust around the house.

This would save you using a vacuum so often and it would be operated by a switch so that you can get rid of all the dust on your slipper and also so you can choose when to have it on or not. Also, I feel it would generally be very entertaining to see what you would be able to pick up, such as a pin or something.

A brilliant idea that came from someone very close to me. They suggested a pair of vibrating or massaging slippers. These would be perfect for those people who just can’t get enough massaging. I don’t know how they would work, but I can just imagine lying down on a sofa or my bed watching something or playing on my Xbox/PS3 whilst my slippers rub my feet for just the expense of some batteries (assuming they’re battery-powered).

That’s about it for this week and I hope you all go out now and actually value how brilliant your slippers could be, if you own a pair and sometimes bother to wear them.


Things That Should Exist: Multi-bottle-bottles

Have you ever felt that you need a drink when you’re out and about? I have and that’s a fact. But have you ever had the feeling that after having a drink of coke or lemonade, that you want another different tasting drink, but you don’t want to pack more than one bottle as it will weigh too much?

Well fear no more you drink-whores! Presenting the Multi-bottle-bottle!

The Multi-bottle-bottle is a new type of bottle that is going to blow your mind with its four separate containers that can swivel around a fixed tube running up the spine. Each container has a separate straw/lid and allows you to finally have a range of different drinks all in one container. Each one can be personalised with labels and stickers and whatever the fish you want!

Here is a crappy little diagram of what it is supposed to do and the general idea but you can imagine what it would actually look like. You can say all you want but I am am proud of myself to have achieved something like this on Paint.

This is an idea I had not too long ago but, when I hatched it, I realised that this would be fantastic. Imagine having 4 different drinks in one bottle so that you can mix and match at your desire. Have you ever thought seriously about how boring it is to just one bottle with the same boring drink in it? Of course you haven’t, but you should. Only then can you finally realise how essential this product is to maintain something fresh to your taste buds and to keep you satisfied with the solution you are putting into your body.

You don’t even have to have four different drinks in it. If you wanted, you could use it solely for water, although that sort of defeats the point of the Multi-bottle-bottle and you could instead have a regular bottle. However, I will not say that this is a completely pointless idea, because it is so simple, yet so brilliant and you should all travel out to wherever your local shop is and demand a new Multi-bottle-bottle. Also, feel free to talk about how amazing this would be in public.

Things That Should Exist: Glasses with wipers

Being a glasses wearer myself, I have often thought about the different things that we could attach or modify to make glasses amazing and a must have, whether or not you have bad vision.

One of the things that I would recommend to whoever makes these things is something that everyone has thought about but never been taken seriously. I’m talking about windscreen wipers (the things on the windscreen of your car that get rid of the rain) on the frames of the glasses.

We’ve all had those moments when you had a long walk home out in the cold and rain, only to walk into a warm room and have your glasses fog up, making you temporarily blind. You’ve then had to take them off and wipe them on your sleeve or cloth and that is literally just too much effort.

Something like this would be perfect:

Except maybe not as, erm, gay.

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about adding on is something that could project a heads-up display so you can do amazing things that were never thought possible with your regular eyes, such as see how many bullets are left in your gun.

Definitely very useful.

In all seriousness, maybe it could pick up and give you information on an unknown object in your vision. Say it could detect what you were looking at and give you a brief description of what it is. Or maybe even a pair that could pick up foreign languages and display the meaning of what they are actually saying because let’s face it, who can be bothered to learn another language? This could also work for the hard of hearing and just display subtitles couldn’t it?

Kind of like Siri, but perched on your nose.

There it is: how glasses could be amazing and from the future time where wars are fought on tablets.