Two Nokia Windows Phones leak AGAIN (Update: A dubious third one)

Two new Nokia smartphones have been leaked just hours ahead of their expected announcement at Nokia World in London tomorrow. These are the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710, both appearing to run Windows Phone 7. The recent teasers that have been adorning British TV have clearly been showing the Lumia 800, while the Lumia 710 appeared earlier this week code-named Sabre.

The 800 is evidently a higher end model aimed to compete with HTC’s Titan and the latest wave of Android phones such as the Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola RAZR. Leaked promotion material seems to present a phone with the same hardware specifications as the Nokia N9 such as 512MB of RAM and internal storage of 16GB. As the N9 has been named by some to be the ‘most beautiful smartphone ever’, I expect the Lumia 800 with its obvious advertising campaign to be a success. The phone had been codenamed Sea Ray and has the same design, dimensions and casing as the DOA MeeGo touting N9. Expect this to launch in the UK at around £33 per month.

The 710 appears to be a mid-range model designed to compete with HTC’s Radar and Samsung’s numerous Galaxy devices sold at lower price points than the flagship S II and Nexus [eg. Europa, W, Gio, Pro, Fit, Mini, Apollo, Z]. The leaked images seem to suggest a screen smaller than the 3.9 inch N9, maybe approaching the 3.5 inch mark that many find comfortable with the iPhone 4S. Expect to see this free on a £25 contract.

We should get confirmation of these devices tomorrow at Nokia World, so read our liveblog to get the news first.

Update: Recombu have reported that a third Windows Phone has leaked. The Nokia 900 documentation shows a 1.4GHz Snapdragon chip powering a 4.3 inch ClearBlack AMOLED screen and 8MP Zeiss camera. 1GB RAM is also in this Mango device however I am a bit wary of the sudden change of font at the bottom. Could this be a good Photoshop to send blogs like Digixav off track? Possibly. The lack of Lumia branding and the fact that these are flagship specs yet the 800 has been teased instead adds suspicion in my eyes. Either way, we’ll find out tomorrow morning and you can see the document below.

Pictures from WinRumors and Recombu