WP7 AOTW: Smart Tile

This week’s AOTW for WP7 is called ‘Smart Tile’.

This is essentially an app that allows you to pin a note to your home screen. When you enter the app you are faced with four lines in which to write your notes. These notes will then appear on a live tile when you pin the app to your home screen. The idea of this app is great, I find it especially useful for things such as writing down my prep (homework but for private/boarding schools) and reminding me when I have music lessons.

The amount of customisation that is possible on the live tile makes this a very good app. You can change the colour of the tile to any of the theme colours on you WP7 device and a few additional ones such as slate, cherry and camel. It is also possible to change the background image to things such as a light bulb and an exclamation mark.

Smart Tile, Windows Phone 7, Free

Download from the Marketplace or visit the website