£1 million of BlackBerry PlayBooks stolen, proves somebody wants them

The Verge have reported that a shipment of 22 pallets of RIM’s underwhelming BlackBerry PlayBook has been stolen. The goods, valued at over £1 million, were in a truck that was taken from an Indiana truck stop while the driver took a shower last Thursday. The truck had no tracking equipment and as such the 5000 tablets that were intended for Ontario are currently lost. There is a possibility that the tablets may be hitting the black market in Miami, a hotbed for stolen goods. The FBI are investigating and it is believed that, of an alleged five suspects, police have the fingerprints of one. With RIM being forced into announcing that BlackBerry 10 powered devices will not hit the market until late 2012 and taking a $485 million hit on the tablet venture, things aren’t going too well for Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis. Even after numerous price cuts and multi-buy offers, the BlackBerry PlayBook is still a piece of crap that nobody is buying, but some consolation can be found in that at least 5000 have been taken off RIM’s hands.