Megaupload shut down by authorities, Kim Dotcom arrested again

Megaupload, the supposed file-sharing site of choice for the likes of and Kanye West, has been shut down by US officials today as part of one of the largest criminal copyright cases in history. Unscrupulous founder Kim Schmitz, aka Kimble, Kim Dotcom and Kim Tim Jim Vestor, has been arrested at his New Zealand mansion along with 3 other executives among allegations of:

  • engaging in a racketeering conspiracy
  • conspiring to commit copyright infringement
  • conspiring to commit money laundering
  • two substantive counts of criminal copyright infringement

The Department of Justice complaint states that the site is responsible for over half a billion dollars in harm to copyright owners and that Dotcom’s team, including CEO Swizz Beatz, are guilty of $175,000,000 in criminal proceeds. Could this be the last we see of Kim Schmitz?

The plot thickens, however, as, in retaliation to the takedown, Anonymous have done their thing and brought down the websites of the Department of Justice, Universal Music, the RIAA and the MPAA in protest. Get your popcorn ready, as this is going to get interesting.