The Poll: How do YOU pronounce GIF?

We all love a GIF, but how do you pronounce it? To find the most widespread pronunciation, here’s a poll.

Feel free to stick some of your favourite GIFs below. For inspiration, why not head over to The Verge, specifically here, here and here?


  1. The Graphics File Formats FAQ states the following:
    Choosy programmers choose “gif” or “jif”?

    The pronunciation of “GIF” is specified in the GIF specification to be “jif”, as in “jiffy”, rather then “gif”, which most people seem to prefer. This does seem strange because the “G” is from the word “Graphics” and not “Jraphics”.

    That last statement doesn’t mean anything. It’s an acronym. There’s no defined way to pronounce acronyms–it’s up to the creators.

    1. I have turned off repeat votes because I know that’s what you were doing. I did not, however, repeat vote. I posted this link on a forum and people voted in their numbers to put GIF ahead. Blocks by cookie, a feature that I discovered earlier today, will mean less spamming, which is good for everyone.

  2. because what you did with the poll. you voted for gif lots of times before i started voted for jif lots of times. And I highly doubt NO ONE voted for jif on the other site.

        1. I know that the creators said it with the soft G. I never doubted that, and I knew it long before I made this poll. What I wanted to find out is what people actually say. Language evolves, and the more widespread pronunciation is, like it or not, with the hard G. Polls on Digixav are to find out what people think, and they will always be subjective.

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