Microsoft giving away free software in exchange for Windows 8 feedback

Do you want free software and Xbox games? Give Microsoft some feedback about the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 and the free stuff could be on its way to you.


With Windows 8 getting ever closer to its release date, Microsoft today announced that it is looking for volunteers to join its invite-only feedback program for active Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview users in the U.S. In return for providing feedback to Microsoft – both by sending the company data or by filling out surveys – participants who stay in the program for more than four months will be eligible for “free software and Xbox games such as Microsoft Office 2012, Kinect Disneyland, and Forza Motorsport 4.”

In the announcement today, Microsoft communications manager Brandon LeBlanc stresses that this is not meant to be a way to submit bug reports. Instead, the idea here is to help Microsoft “build better software by getting a broader understanding of your perceptions and experiences with our products.”

It’s somewhat odd that Microsoft would choose this time to highlight this program. The…

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