Things That Should Exist: Self-Ruling Rulers

I’m back, and although I’m not exactly sure how many people actually care about this, I’m gonna say it anyway to pretend I have people who enjoy reading my posts. So yeah, I’m sorry for missing last week, but I really couldn’t be bothered. There. That is my excuse. If you don’t like it, then I apologise for my inappropriate and unreasonable reason.

Anyway, back to what this is really about – things that should exist – and this week we have the brilliant idea of self-ruling rulers. This comes from a wide range of people but the main source I have is myself. This idea came about because I’m sick and tired of misreading measurements and drawing incorrect lines. Also, if I happen to be working with someone else on a project, then this will save me always getting the blame for something either so minor or something that if not correct could end up in DIY disaster.

This ruler would be a lot thinner than a regular 30cm/12″ ruler, and have a small LCD screen. This would have a little sensor on the bottom that can detect lines drawn in either pen or pencil. A little message would appear on the screen telling you the length or thickness of the line or something along those lines. Of course you will be able to change what measurement appears, from such units as centimetres, metres, inches and even miles for the idiots. You could also have a premium model that comes with a little touch display, allowing you to punch in a measurement and a laser would pop out of the side showing you exactly what to draw.This would solve the petty little arguments that you have with your friend on whether it actually is a 9.2cm line and not a 9.25cm line.

This could obviously work along with tape measures, as they come out at a certain length and have a small reading given on the handle. It would prevent getting a wrong reading and then not being able to fit that sofa through the door and having to end up leaving it in the wrong room.

Don’t pretend you don’t think that this is a good idea though because, for once, this is actually something that could be useful in the future. Now feel free to do anything you like, so long as it isn’t world-changing or affects me. Have fun and be prepared for next week, where I will return.

Unless I don’t.



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