Google announces new Nexus lineup: Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and Android 4.2

We weren’t expecting any Nexus news today as hurricane Sandy pummels the East Coast, but the Verge has delivered with a full hands on and in depth look at Google’s new Nexus lineup – straight from Mountain View. Google has expanded on it’s preliminary Nexus 7 with the successor to the Galaxy Nexus (known as the Nexus 4), a new 10″ tablet called the Nexus 10 and all while introducing the next upgrade to their Android OS (4.2). At first glance, these devices seem really great, so let’s take a closer look.

Nexus 4

Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is the fourth Nexus phone, the successor to the well-recieved Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus program is Google’s initiative to pick what it thinks to be the best Android phone on the market, modify it to their liking and load it up with stock Android goodness. This year they have picked the Optimus G, LG’s quad core beast of a phone. They’ve replaced the plastic for glass, added onscreen buttons, and made it a lot more like the Galaxy Nexus in terms of size and shape. Inside, there is a Quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, a 2100mAh battery and a 1280×768 IPS LCD display at 320 pixels per inch. Pricing is £239 unlocked at 8GB and £279 at 16GB. As you can tell, these are some great prices!

Nexus 10

Nexus 10
The Nexus 10 is a new device for Google. While they have made the Nexus 7, this tablet is set to go face to face with the iPad. It does bring quite a set to the table though, with a  2560 x 1600 True RGB Real Stripe PMS display, Exynos 5 dual processor and 2GB of RAM. The tablet is said to be ‘grippy’ and has a vaguely curved design and brushed metal back. While the design is not to my liking, I’m sure others will like it. It also includes a huge 9000mAh battery. Pricing is £319 for 16GB and £389 for 32GB.

Android 4.2

Android 4.2 is more of an incremental upgrade, but it still brings some great new features to the table. Here is a quick rundown

Photo Sphere
Allows for panoramas that capture everything around you, not just a strip.

Gesture Typing
This is a new feature in the keyboard which is similar to Swype. It lets you glide your finger from letter to letter to spell out words.

Multiple User
This allows for multiple users to have accounts on a tablet – similar to different User Accounts on Windows

This is basically just hyped up screensavers.

Basically a Google Airplay competitor

Widgets on the lockscreen
What the title says^

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