EE’s ‘How Bacon Rolls’ advertising campaign launches 4G to UK consumers

Following the launch of their LTE network in 11 UK cities on Tuesday, EE has premiered their first TV commercial featuring Hollywood star Kevin Bacon. Entitled ‘How Bacon Rolls‘, the spot features Bacon speaking about his industry connections and how the use of EE’s services can help customers become as well-connected as Bacon himself. Further commercials featuring the actor reprising some of his most famous roles are set to follow, but for now you can see the 2 minute spot below. See if you can spot the HTC One S – a phone that EE is not offering with 4G LTE connectivity – being used by an EE customer in the advert.

Source @EE


  1. Bacon links the Cockney Rhyming slang Aris with Rolph Harris. That dosent work because He or the ad company that makes the ads has made the assumption that the cockneys are just droping the H ( ‘arris )as we ‘ave a ‘abit of doin’. Actually ‘aris is short for Aristotle which is its own rhyming slang for Bottle and Bottle and Glass is rhyming slang for Arse.

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