Digixav Podcast 008 – May 18th/19th 2013


In case reading isn’t your thing, we have an exciting competition in this show. Listen to at least the first few minutes of the show for all the details.

On Saturday, we began to do the unthinkable – record an eighth podcast. Xavier was tired from a day at Lord’s marching and watching cricket and generally being awake, while Henry and Chris were busy getting distracted by 4chan’s infamous /b. After numerous Audacity-based failures, things began to take shape on the fourth attempt, but an unfortunate spontaneous barbecue-related event sprung up and we had to abandon things. Shedding Henry who opted to watch the new Gatsby film rather than resume, an even more tired Xavier and an even more distracted Chris picked up the microphone, kept calm and carried on. What they said about NokiaGoogle and possibly even some other thing probably makes no sense and will lull you into an endless doze, but we’re presenting it to you nevertheless.

Two days late.

Because #YOLO.

Did I mention there’s a competition?

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