Nokia announces Lumia 930, its new Windows Phone 8.1 flagship

At Microsoft’s Build developer summit today, future subsidiary Nokia has unveiled its new Windows Phone flagship device, the Lumia 930. Serving as true successor to the Lumia 920 (because the 925, 928, 1020 and 1520 just don’t cut it) which debuted in September 2012, the 930 is effectively Verizon’s recent Lumia Icon for a global market, with the relatively uninspired design being improved tremendously by the addition of chromatic rears, including black, white, green and, finally, orange.

Nokia Lumia 930

Design notwithstanding, the phone is the same hybrid between a Lumia 1520 and an actual phone that humans with human-sized hands can use without dying (or something) as the Icon, with a 5″ 1080p display on the front and a 20MP PureView OIS camera on the rear. Not quite the overkill that is the 1020, but still pretty fantastic if the sensor in the 1520 is anything to go by. There’s also a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip powering Windows Phone 8.1 alongside Nokia’s plethora of additions/bloatware that can be discarded if desired. 8.1 itself is notable for Cortana, the new Siri-esque personal assistant named after the Halo…person-type thing, and the ability to set a picture as the background for your tiles.

Nokia Lumia 930 Range

Those interested in the 930 will be able to locate it in various European and Asian markets (sorry, ‘Murica) for $599 plus tax starting in June.


Via Engadget