Myspace teases complete redesign in plan to return to social greatness

In a video posted on Vimeo today, Myspace teased an upcoming redesign that the company claims is an all-new social network built from the ground up. The latest version of the network appears to integrate Facebook and Twitter posts and an active sign-in page confirms that users will be able to sign in to ‘Newspace’ with their existing social accounts. Similar to the network’s recent iterations, music appears to remain the focus to users, but whether this can keep Justin Timberlake’s company afloat remains to be seen. Access to the new Myspace is not open yet, however budding users may request an invite at the teaser page.

Via Joe Simpson (Twitter)
Source Myspace (Vimeo)

Horse_ebookmarklet turns the internet into engaging gibberish

You’ve probably heard of the @Horse_ebooks Twitter account. If you haven’t, why not? Unlike other bots on Twitter, @Horse_ebooks sends out cryptic messages that have oddly mesmerised the internet. @Fart says it best:

@Horse_ebooks is a Twitter bot designed and automated by apparently some Russian guy to sell worthless, horrible ebooks about horses. In order to avoid being detected as a spam bot, it occasionally posts a text snippet or two from one of its ebooks, chosen at random. I will never buy an ebook from it, but I will follow this Twitter account until I die or horses become extinct, whichever comes first.

Now, Ben Nyberg has developed a bookmarklet to spread the @Horse_ebooks hilarity all over the internet. When the Javascript is run, every image on a page becomes the trademark horse and all the text becomes delightful gibberish. Nyberg himself expected this to amuse people for about 20 minutes, but all I know is that I am doing it to every site I see. Here are some examples.

Carphone Warehouse





So, what are you waiting for? Install the bookmarklet and try it yourself.