I love Nexus

Apologies for not being with the liveblog, I had an… altercation.

Anywho, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It is beautiful. While maybe not as thin as the Motorola RAZR, it still packs some key features.

First, LTE. While we in Britain may still have to make do with 3’s ‘honest, it is 4G’ HSPA+, those in America may actually be able to use internet on your phone now. Have fun with Netflix (or should I say Qwikster) on the 1280×720 display!

Secondly, Ice Cream Sandwich. The first ICS phone on the planet, anyone not allowed to update will be pretty livid right now (I’m looking at you Xavier). Bump-to-share, no physical buttons, data-usage manager and according to our friends at Engadget, unbelievable speed. Android might actually have overtaken Windows Phone again.

All in all, the Nexus is beautiful, thin, and apart from the camera, everything we hoped for/knew. The iPhone 4S has another fine competitor in the shape of the Galaxy Nexus. We’d have told you more, but not being in Hong Kong, we couldn’t.


  1. […] The design and casing from the N9 has been reused and that is no bad thing. The elegant curves disguise the chunky (by modern standards) 12.1mm frame and the mass of 142g sits nicely in the hand. The single core 1.4GHz processor will carry out tasks very quickly and 512MB RAM should allow for efficient multitasking. To allow for the Windows capacitive keys, the screen has been downsized from the N9′s 3.9 inch 854 x 480 display to a 3.7 inch 800 x 480 curved ClearBlack AMOLED panel. An 8MP camera with standard Nokia Carl Zeiss optics, but the strangely placed front camera from the N9 has been omitted. We have covered the brilliance of Windows Phone 7.5, aka Mango, in our review and, paired with such stunning hardware both inside and out, it is sure to be a winner when it launches over here on November 16th, one day before the Galaxy Nexus. […]

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