How to speak in text

nu txt dict cumin soon to dx 4 da n00bs

i is rghtin txt dict 4 dx so i dnt hve 2 xplain myself wen i spk to n00bi ppl on me fone also so u knw wot u hve to 4 txtin bare quickers m8 bruvtins bst b on dis shz lol

Didn’t get that? Let me be your guide.

As self-proclaimed king of texting, I have been asked by Xavier to put all of my knowledge into the internet’s most comprehensive dictionary of textspeak. If you’re a noob that still signs off every text with your name or you’ve ever been confused by a simple SMD, then I want to lead you into the weird and wonderful language that makes up the backbone of generation X. While you wait for the full guide, feel free to post your favourite acronyms and abbreviations so we can, together, ensure that the English language can evolve with the youth.

BRB bbs x


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