Things That Should Exist: Glasses with wipers

Being a glasses wearer myself, I have often thought about the different things that we could attach or modify to make glasses amazing and a must have, whether or not you have bad vision.

One of the things that I would recommend to whoever makes these things is something that everyone has thought about but never been taken seriously. I’m talking about windscreen wipers (the things on the windscreen of your car that get rid of the rain) on the frames of the glasses.

We’ve all had those moments when you had a long walk home out in the cold and rain, only to walk into a warm room and have your glasses fog up, making you temporarily blind. You’ve then had to take them off and wipe them on your sleeve or cloth and that is literally just too much effort.

Something like this would be perfect:

Except maybe not as, erm, gay.

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about adding on is something that could project a heads-up display so you can do amazing things that were never thought possible with your regular eyes, such as see how many bullets are left in your gun.

Definitely very useful.

In all seriousness, maybe it could pick up and give you information on an unknown object in your vision. Say it could detect what you were looking at and give you a brief description of what it is. Or maybe even a pair that could pick up foreign languages and display the meaning of what they are actually saying because let’s face it, who can be bothered to learn another language? This could also work for the hard of hearing and just display subtitles couldn’t it?

Kind of like Siri, but perched on your nose.

There it is: how glasses could be amazing and from the future time where wars are fought on tablets.



    1. I just come up with some random ideas that I think could be made for some pointless and ridiculous reason and explain why I would like them and what the point is. Cost and how it would work doesn’t come under my criteria to talk about. Leave that to the technological people who work wherever.

      1. What is the point then. And by the way you pressed the wrong reply button.. NOOB! Don’t worry, henry struggles as well. 🙂

  1. I also have perfect vision, so I don’t really know, but no offense this sounds like a load of bollocks. Really James – wipers I can slightly live with you saying (even though it seems unneccesary and pointless) but all the things after seem a bit far-fetched. And even if it did happen and they found somewhere to store batteries, make it waterproof, memory, and manage to analyse what you want the glasses to instead of random letters and numbers everywhere what do you think the cost would be. Answer: A LOT! I admire your optimism and imagination, but that is all it is. Sorry, but this is slightly ridiculous. Zoom could work though – might be heavy…

  2. What would be cool though is a pair of night-vision with optical zoom and camera sunglasses with a built in gum dispenser. lol

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