Meet TheO Ball: a foam phone case that encourages physical activity

Some people don’t like putting cases on their phones, but what if they were football shaped? Well, TheO Ball is! It is a football with one exception: you can put your phone in it! So instead of a case that just fits the phone, you can now buy a case that you can actually use to play games. It fits nearly all smartphones including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices. In short, if you have a smartphone, you will be able to use TheO.

TheO Ball is designed to hold your phone within its cushioned grasp, allowing you to liter...

It is designed and manufactured by Physical Apps, a company with the aim of making mobile gaming more physical and beneficial to health. TheO Ball has a slot that means your phone is safe and secure, whilst you can still see the screen. The ball itself is made completely of foam and so provides protection for both your smartphone and its surroundings.

TheO Ball

TheO Ball recently won the Popular Science Best Toy of Toy Fair 2012 award and I’m confident that it deserved its title. TheO Ball has some dedicated apps including games like Hot Potato, which is a game where you throw the ball to each other as quickly as possible. You lose if you wait too long before passing it on. I expect there will be many more fun and exciting games to play in the very near future, with the ball launching later this year for around $24.95 (£15.67), with each app costing from $1.99 to $4.99. Sign up for more information at TheO Ball website.


      1. It is pointless. If you want to play with a ball PLAY WITH A BALL. Why put your phone in it. It is just turning phsical activity into more screen watching. BAD. lol (sorry about disliking your comment, I accidently pressed like and I didn’t want to press either, but seeing as it contradicted my point I decided I my aswell dislike it. Is it dislike or unlike?

      2. No Alex! Answer me this: Can you register achievements, exercise time and scores on a real footy? No. TheO Ball brings sport and technology together and, whether you like it or not, eventually technology will be partnered with all aspects of life.

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