UK ISPs set to block access to The Pirate Bay

A new High Court ruling is requestin that UK ISPs block access to The Pirate Bay, but how long can measures like this last in the battle against piracy, especially since the ISPs do not legally have an obligation to block sites?


The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) finally got its will today. According to a ruling by Britain’s High Court, UK Internet providers must now block access to Swedish file-sharing site The Pirate Bay. The BBC reports that the BPI had asked British ISPs to voluntarily block access to the site in November 2011. At that time, though, the ISPs said they wouldn’t do so unless ordered by a court. That court order has now arrived. Five UK ISPs (Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin Media) have already announced that they will comply with this order. BT asked the court for more time to consider its position.

According to the BPI’s chief executive Geoff Taylor, “the High Court has confirmed that The Pirate Bay infringes copyright on a massive scale. Its operators line their pockets by commercially exploiting music and other creative works without paying a penny to the people…

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