Samsung’s interchangeable lens Galaxy NX Android camera appears in leaked shots

Samsung Galaxy NX Screen

Dear Samsung,

When I said yesterday that your Android powered cameras looked stupid, I meant it. After the original Galaxy Camera launched, people complained that it was not enough camera for the money ($500), and that the image quality was no better than many far cheaper devices.

Yet, you persisted.

You stuck a phone onto a camera, and again the complaints are that the image quality is not worth the massive premium. Now you’ve confirmed that a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses would be joining the Galaxy ranks, and Tinhte has published some images of before you had the chance to do so yourself, most probably at your London event next Thursday.

Samsung Galaxy NX Lenses

We don’t know how the 20.3MP sensor will perform. We don’t know if anyone will actually want this kind of thing. We don’t even know how much it will cost, although I’m preparing for something astronomical if your previous Android camera form is anything to go by, but what we can agree on is that this idea is crazy. And kind of awesome.

Keep doing what you’re doing. Android powered fridges and washing machines may sound stupid, but one person’s idea of crazy can be another’s idea of genius, and I respect your actual quests to innovate. That’s the way to the top, not through this rubbish.

– Xavier

Source Tinhte
Via Engadget

PS: PLEASE stick Android on a toaster. I would pay so much for that crap.


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