Sony thinks sticking a real camera on your phone makes sense, proving high degree of insanity

Sony Alpha QX10 Xperia Z LeakAccording to Sony Alpha Rumours, Sony is working on camera attachments to clip onto Android smartphones. These so-called ‘lens cameras’ are effectively full-on cameras – complete with sensor, dedicated image processor, WiFi and an SD slot – but without the viewfinder. To use this most basic function of the camera, you clip the thing onto the rear of your iPhone or Android device. Two models are set to be available, with the DSC-QX100, pictured below on the rear of an Xperia i1/Honami, taking a 20.2MP sensor from a $750 camera and the DSC-QX10, pictured above on the rear of an Xperia Z, with an 18MP sensor and 10x optical zoom from a $400 DSC-WX150. Sony have always had a tremendous knack of producing product names that make no sense to any human consumers, and it’s good to see that continuing in this product which, once again, makes no sense whatsoever. If people want their phone to have a good camera, they’ll buy one with a good camera, like the Nokia Lumia 1020 or perhaps even the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. If they want a really good camera to take around with them and are willing to shell out a few hundred on a camera, they won’t go for this kind of crap. They’ll buy a camera instead.

Sony Alpha QX100 Xperia i1 Honami Leak

Source Sony Alpha Rumours

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