Signs of the third Vu-pocalypse appear as LG prepares to resurrect the square phablet

Optimus Vu

Remember LG’s ridiculous Optimus Vu, the 5″ phablet with a 4:3 1024 x 768 display? Or its international variant, which was one of the few devices to call itself a phone and carry a Tegra 3 processor? Or Verizon’s variant, dubbed Intuition, which could only muster a review score of 4.4 from The Verge? Or the Vu II, which took the original device and bumped the internal hardware up to appropriate levels for a 2012 flagship?

There’s a reason nobody (except me) remembers these things. It’s because they were horrible. And yet, LG just doesn’t know when to stop.

When the firm confirmed that the name for their Optimus G successor would be G2, they also confirmed that the Optimus branding was being dropped from the entire product range, emphasising that Vu would be the name for future devices with 4:3 displays. As if that threat wasn’t intimidating or laughable enough, Asia Economic has published what they claim to be specifications of the next Vu, which will simply be known as LG Vu III. The awkward aspect ratio will live on by way of a 5.2″ 1280 x 960 display at 308ppi, presumably using LG’s favoured IPS technology, and a Snapdragon 800 chip from Qualcomm will power the show. A 13MP rear camera, like the G2, is also set to appear, and seeing the buttons on the back as opposed to the sides in a similar vein to its more conventional sibling would also be a safe bet. Pocket-lint suggests that we will see the Vu III at IFA in Berlin early next month before a September launch in Korea, so prepare for another round of LG’s girthful battle against our pockets in the very near future. We can only hope it will be their last.

Source Asia Economic
Via Pocket-lint

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