Digixav Editors’ Choice Awards 2013

We like awards. As in 2011 and 2012, we (myself, Henry, Rowan, Chris and Neil) all made our choices in 18 different categories in an effort to crown the best and worst of technology in 2013, and the following is what we came up with. Your choices can be found here, and we’ll be discussing all the winners, losers and everything in between in a very special podcast later this week, so be sure to join us for that on iTunes.

Best Smartphone


Xavier – HTC One
Henry – HTC One
Rowan – Nokia Lumia 1520
Chris – Moto G
Neil – LG Nexus 5

Winner – HTC One


Best Tablet


Xavier – Apple iPad Mini
Henry – Apple iPad Air
Rowan – Apple iPad Air
Chris – Asus Nexus 7
Neil – Apple iPad Mini

Winner – Apple iPad Mini and Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air Mini

Best Computer


Xavier – Apple MacBook Air
Henry – Apple Mac Pro
Rowan – Asus Transformer Book Trio
Chris – Apple MacBook Air
Neil – Apple MacBook Pro

Winner – Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

Best Design


Xavier – Nokia Lumia 1520
Henry – PlayStation 4
Rowan – HTC One
Chris – Apple Mac Pro
Neil – Apple Mac Pro

Winner – Apple Mac Pro

Mac Pro

Best Other Hardware


Xavier – Tesla Model S
Henry – Google Chromecast
Rowan – Oculus Rift
Chris – Nest Protect
Neil – Oculus Rift

Winner – Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Best Innovation


Xavier – Oculus Rift
Henry – Algae to crude oil conversion
Rowan – Oculus Rift
Chris – Chris Steinberg
Neil – Oculus Rift

Winner – Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Best Android App


Xavier – Pocket Casts
Henry – Pocket Casts
Rowan – Xtreme Teen Bible Readingz
Neil – Reddit Sync Pro

Winner – Pocket Casts


Best iOS App


Xavier – Ridiculous Fishing
Henry – Ridiculous Fishing
Rowan – Full Contact Tiddlywinks
Neil – Tweetbot

Winner – Ridiculous Fishing


Best Windows Phone App


Xavier – 6sec
Henry – 6tag
Rowan – Baconit
Neil – Wordament

Winner – Rudy Huyn (because choosing just one would be criminal)


Best Game


Xavier – Papers, Please
Henry – Bioshock Infinite
Rowan – The Stanley Parable
Chris – Bioshock Infinite
Neil – Bioshock Infinite

Winner – Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

Best Desktop OS


Xavier – Mac OS X 10.9
Henry – Windows 8.1
Rowan – Windows 8.1
Chris – Ubuntu 13.10
Neil – Mac OS X 10.9

Winner – Mac OS X 10.9


Best Mobile OS


Xavier – Android 4.4
Henry – Android 4.4
Rowan – Windows Phone 8
Chris – Android 4.4
Neil – Android 4.4

Winner – Android 4.4

Android Kit Kat

Best Podcast


Xavier – Bionic
Henry – Techfoolery
Chris – The Co-optional Podcast
Neil – Bionic

Winner – Bionic


Worst Design


Xavier – Ashes Cricket 2013
Henry – Samsung Galaxy S4
Rowan – Apple iPhone 5c
Chris – Apple Mac Pro
Neil – LG Vu 3

Winner – Ashes Cricket 2013

Ashes Cricket 2013

Worst Name


Xavier – Safaricom Yolo
Henry – Samsung Galaxy Gear
Rowan – Xbox One
Chris – Safaricom Yolo
Neil – Samsung Galaxy Round

Winner – Safaricom Yolo

Safaricom Intel Yolo

Worst Execution


Xavier – Xbox One launch
Henry – Samsung Galaxy Gear
Rowan – Xbox One launch
Chris – BlackBerry 10
Neil – Cross-platform BlackBerry Messenger

Winner – Xbox One launch


And now, the final pair.

Worst Thing


Xavier – Samsung Galaxy Gear
Henry – Samsung Galaxy Gear
Rowan – Ouya
Chris – Samsung Galaxy Gear
Neil – Samsung Galaxy Gear

Winner – Samsung Galaxy Gear

%5B2%5DGalaxy Gear-008-Set1 Side_Six

Best Thing


Xavier – Hyperloop
Henry – Hyperloop
Rowan – Nokia Lumia 2520
Chris – Ubuntu Edge
Neil – Oculus Rift

Winner – Hyperloop


With that, 2013 has come to an end and we congratulate all of the winners on their coveted prizes. If you have any questions, comments or opinions on the awards, come and say hi on Twitter (@Digixav/@Xavdog/@huntho21/@almdudler26/@neilthomas0) or ping us at awards@digixav.com. Thank you all for being with us this year, and we hope to see you again throughout 2014 and beyond.