Celebrating Digixav’s first birthday

Delicious ginger, BlackBerry, Apple and Jelly Bean cake.

Exactly one year ago on a cold Tuesday evening Digixav was born. Created from my lingering desire to have a portal from which to ramble on about tech, the very first post was a brief introduction┬áto our plans for the site, and soon after Henry and Chris jumped on board with their own little introductions. Our first site design looked a lot like this, and, after a few hours getting to grips with WordPress, we properly launched DX with our disastrous liveblog of the keynote in which Google unveiled Android 4.0 and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus – and to this day I am still embarrassed by the amount of stuff that was in my taskbar. Since then, the team has grown massively and our readership has been far higher than we could have ever imagined.

One year on, our aim remains the same: to deliver more tech news, reviews, guides and opinions to you, our loyal readers. We’ve had a great first year on the internet, and we hope to do even better in the next one. Tonight, we celebrate with cake. Tomorrow, we take over the world. Thanks for joining us.

P.S. The cake is a ginger cake made by Kieran, iced with a BlackBerry Curve, iPhone 4S and Nexus 7. It tastes really good and also resulted in this picture.

Introducing Digixav 4.0 Ginkgo

Hello there,

We’re over 7 months old now, and things have changed. It’s not just me any more, and I have been joined by many fantastic writers in the quest to get tech news out on the interweb. We’re getting more hits each day than we ever expected, and we’ve had readers from over 100 countries around the globe.

Today, I am pleased to unveil Digixav 4.0 (aka Ginkgo) and a new wordmark/logo-type thing.

We were on the hunt for a new theme after being accepted into the WordAds program, but then I discovered Oxygen. It doesn’t support ads yet, but I think you’ll agree that it looks awesome and has a slider that changes automatically. We also used the magic of the Ubuntu font to make the site look even better, and new menus make it easier to navigate the site than ever before. Bearing in mind that this is a work-in-progress, you may notice a few widget and CSS changes, but we think that Ginkgo is the best version of Digixav yet, and we hope you do too.

Thanks for sticking with us,