Why you don’t need a quad-core phone

“OMG I’ve seen this totally cool new phone, I really just have to get it!”

“Oh really? What is so good about it?”

“It’s got a quad-core processor”

“What does that mean?”

“I have no idea. However it sounds WICKED!!”

Companies trick you into thinking that you always have to have the latest thing, and the today’s society pressures you into believing all the given specifications are absolutely amazing. However, the truth is, some of it just isn’t needed. Why would you want a quad-core processor? To have a faster phone obviously. However you will never need that much power, nor will you ever use it! People say they need the power for gaming; however computers that don’t have quad-core processors have been used for gaming for so many years and are completely fine. Also why would you want to play high quality games on your phone? The screen is so small and the graphics are such poor quality that it isn’t worth it, not if you want anywhere near decent detail and picture. My phone (HTC Sensation) has a dual-core processor; and that works sensationally. I can multitask efficiently, I can play music whilst on the internet and texting and running social apps in the background. I can receive emails and play on apps at the same time. The speed is fantastic and you really couldn’t need a faster phone.

Quad-core costs a lot more money and quite frankly, it isn’t worth it. You may think it is cool to have it, however you will never use all four processors at once, and so you will never notice the fact that you have them.


  1. Hilarious. I’m assuming you’re joking.

    1. The dual-core is a fad too, yet you appear to have fallen into.

    2. As higher graphical games such as Infinity Blade 2 and Rage come out, all four cores shall be used, especially if the iPad does have an HD screen.

    1. What IS needed in phones is:

      1. Better battery life. Make the chips more efficient and not just more powerful.

      2. Software optimisation. Quad-core is not the answer. Look at the Eee Pad Transformer Prime, lagging while running Honeycomb.

      While better GPUs are always welcome, you do not need quad-core processors. Power is one thing, but usability is more important to most people.

        1. True xavier, the battery life is key and getting rid of sense too. However, there is nothing wrong per say with quad core. I fully expect the future to be filled with efficient quad cores taking the job COMPLETELY off laptops/

  2. First if you’re going to comment please do it in a polite manner.

    Computers for games DO NOT use the CPU (central processing unit), but rather the video chip called confusingly the GPU or graphics processing unit, so quad core wouldn’t be used…

  3. some processing power id used for gaming we musn’t forget. gpus do not solely handle the running of a game lets not get confused. intensive games may require 4 cores so do not say things confidently as if you fully understand. no offence. but i see where you are going with your argument. Soon companies will come up with ways of using up the 4 cores so that isnt an issue. the world is moving mobile baby and lets not forget that. anyways good job.

  4. first of all im talking about the rule, of course there are going to be exceptions as you may be

    obviously for intensive gaming you can use four cores, however you would do that on a computer not a phone surely.

    No offence taken 🙂

    I know in the future more than four cores will be able to be used at once, however i am talking about present day.


  5. what. on a computer a discrete or intergrated GPU is almost solely responsible for games, whereas tablets,which are what we’re actually talking about, use the CPU as well. Besides, with the Tegra 3’s low power core it really isn’t an issue.

  6. Mate…. notice how you used the word almost. i d not believe your processor is idle while gaming cos that would be purely stupid wouldnt it. Yes the gpu handles most of the work. Having four cores may be used for other applications such as video editting or photo editting so mate dont be chattin carbon dioxide on xavier web page. Four cores at the moment is not necessary hannayh is right.. so mr. ‘i tend to know everything’ stfu!

  7. That may be true, but If we kept thinking that stuff wasn’t needed, the computer would not have been invented, as well as many other things 🙂

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