Google Play launches as a rebranded Android Market

The Android Market has today undergone a major rebrand as part of Google’s aim to promote content beyond apps and provide a viable alternative to iTunes. Relaunching as Google Play, the only noticeable difference other than the new logo is the fact that they are celebrating the change with a big sale across the new Play Shop for apps, Play Movies, Play Music (US only) and, wait for it, Play Books. The rebranded store will roll out across devices with Android 2.2 or later within the next few days, and Google’s shift of focus away from the Android branding will undoubtedly be followed by massive promotions to let the world know what Mountain View has to offer.

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  1. Still looks pretty dull and you have to log in to browse which an eCommerce no no for me. As Google’s new privacy policy means I’d need to create a fake account to save my casual browsing being muddled up with my other Google data it seems more hassle than it’s worth. Think I’ll give it a miss and check out your blog instead. 😉

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