7 add-ons to make Gmail even better

Gmail is arguably the best email service around – we even use Google Apps for the Digixav corporate email accounts – and this post from Sidian M. S. Jones on TechCrunch contains some great add-ons to make the whole desktop email experience less sucky.


Editor’s note:Sidian M.S. Jones is the founder of OpenSourceReligion.net and does graphic design for BookLamp.org. He has a forthcoming book called The Voice of Rolling Thunder. Follow him on Twitter @SidianMSJones.

I think it says a lot about the current state of email that we have so many startups trying to change the way we do it. Gmail has been a key player for many years now. With features like threaded messages and filters, they’ve kept ahead of the game; but the feeling still seems pretty unanimous. Email sucks! Someone has got to burst this bubble and, when they do, they are going to make a mint.

I don’t know, this legendary “empty inbox”, if it does exist, still evades me, have you ever seen one? What happens when when there are zero emails? A win screen? Now there’s an idea…

While we’re waiting for the…

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