7 add-ons to make Gmail even better

Gmail is arguably the best email service around – we even use Google Apps for the Digixav corporate email accounts – and this post from Sidian M. S. Jones on TechCrunch contains some great add-ons to make the whole desktop email experience less sucky.

On The Nokia Lumia 900 And How AT&T Is The Phone’s Only Downside

The long-awaited Nokia Lumia 900 launches this weekend on AT&T in the USA, but we are still awaiting a release date for European markets. When it comes, our own Windows Phone fanboy Henry Hunt will get one straight away, and, with the help of my 710 and forthcoming 800 reviews, we can help you find if a Nokia Windows Phone is right for you.

HTC announces Beats Audio acquisition of MOG

With HTC’s Beats Audio division acquiring music streaming service MOG, TechCrunch has a look at how HTC is acquiring innovation rather than innovating themselves.