New Tweetdeck apps coming for iOS and Android?

Tweetdeck, my favourite Twitter client for iOS and PC, has been rather stagnant since its acquisition by Twitter last year, but news from TechCrunch of a major update to the fantastic mobile apps goes down very well in my eyes.


The big Twitter redesign at the end of last year seemed to mean that the company was ditching power users to get more mainstream. The website and the mobile apps added “Connect” and “Discover” pages to help new users find interesting people and topics. But the unified new interface buried direct messages and other features that long-time users had grown to rely on.

However, Twitter has not forgotten about its devoted base of hardcore users. You know, the types who like to do things like DM, or make custom lists of other users to track. It’s busy hiring engineers to work on “next generation” mobile apps under the Tweetdeck brand.

Here’s a bit more, from a recent job listing that the @Tweetdeck account has been tweeting about in recent weeks.

The TweetDeck team, working from London, is looking for new team members to work on our cutting edge Android…

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