Google Drive launches with 5GB free and up to 16TB of storage at lower rates than Dropbox

Need another cloud storage service? Google Drive is Google’s attempt at a Dropbox killer, with 5GB free storage, Google Docs integration and lower upgrade prices than Dropbox. At Digixav, however, we wholeheartedly recommend SkyDrive for your cloud needs, as it trumps its rivals with 7GB free (25GB if you had an account before Sunday), great apps on iOS and Windows Phone, and even lower upgrade costs after yesterday’s relaunch.

7 add-ons to make Gmail even better

Gmail is arguably the best email service around – we even use Google Apps for the Digixav corporate email accounts – and this post from Sidian M. S. Jones on TechCrunch contains some great add-ons to make the whole desktop email experience less sucky.