МегаФон makes users compete to use the most data

МегаФон is definitely my kind of network…


Angry that your carrier put a cap on your data? Maybe you should move to beautiful Russia, where the data flows like caviar and carriers actually encourage people to hog more bandwidth.

That’s what Russian carrier MegaFon did. The company asked people to see how much data they could download on their 3G modems over the course of one week, according to Russian news site C News. The prize for using the most bandwidth: a $5,000 vacation.

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The winner of the trip downloaded a stunning 419 GB of data in seven days, a feat no doubt accomplished by much strenuous sitting and significant eye strain. MegaFon apparently covers 80% of northwestern Russia and handed out a grand total of 1 million rubles ($33,000) in prizes over the contest period between November 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012.


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Argos pricing incompetence leads to “bargain” Nokia Lumia 800 disappointment

Remember the HP TouchPad? When it was discontinued, it received a massive price cut that crashed sites all around the world, including that of Argos. Today, a similar, albeit unintentional, price cut occurred but this time for a device that has been well-received. Completely out of the blue, an online only deal popped up that included an unlocked Nokia Lumia 800, our favourite thing of 2011, priced at just £119.99. Bewildered consumers flocked to mop these up and sites such as The Verge seemed to have confirmation from the company that this was indeed a real offer.

But no, it seems that Argos in fact made a ‘pricing error’ and that the offer was not legitimate. Customers received emails telling them that there had been a mistake coinciding with the launch of their latest catalogue and that the orders would be cancelled with money refunded within 7 days. This hasn’t been the first time that this kind of thing has happened at Argos, and, as I write this, the “deal” is still online, over 14 hours after the supposed sell-out. Maybe it’s time for Argos to get their act together.

Deal: Grab a Dell Streak 7 for less than £100 at PC World

The Dell Streak 7 was recently discontinued and, like a certain other tablet, this action is a cue for price cuts. It has now hit the low low price of £99.97 at PC World which will get you a Tegra 2 powered slab with an 800 x 480 resolution and, while sporting Froyo out of the box, an official update to Android 3.2 ie. Honeycomb is available over the air. It is unlikely that you will ever see Ice Cream Sandwich officially on this but, at this price, you may as well give it a go. The deal is in store only so head on over to your local PC World to grab this bargain.