PPF: AMD say ‘touch my bottom’

Hello and welcome to PPF: Product Placement Fail. In this feature we will highlight failed bits of advertising by tech companies. Please feel free to send yours in to digixav at gmail dot com.

AMD, AMD, AMD. When will you learn? People will not buy your products if you creep them out.

We have come across this video on the AMD YouTube channel that is attempting to attract customers to their Vision chips that run up to 9.6 degrees fahrenheit cooler than body temperature. How do they do this? They get a laptop with a seductive voice to talk to you. Prepare to be freaked out by the minute long clip below.

Santa uses Siri according to new Apple ad

A new advert for the iPhone 4S has just hit Apple’s YouTube channel with a special celebrity guest. In the 30 second spot, Santa uses his iPhone’s virtual assistant Siri to guide him through his Christmas night. When asking how his day is, Santa gets reliably informed of his 3.7 billion appointments and is told not to eat too much by his wife. Watch the clip below or wait for it to hit your telly in the next week.

Nokia Windows Phone teasers air in UK

Well here’s a new one. Nokia have already begun to air teasers for their Windows Phones on UK TV. I spotted them during the ad break of Harry Hill’s TV Burp and My Nokia Blog┬áhave isolated the ads for easier viewing. Continue reading →