Amazon ventures into social gaming with the release of Living Classics for Facebook



Having made a big hiring push earlier this year, the first product of Amazon’s push into the potentially lucrative social gaming market has been unveiled. Living Classics is a hidden object game that encourages players to find moving objects in worlds inspired by classic books such as Alice In Wonderland and while it is free-to-play, users are inundated with opportunities to buy cash and coins, which in turn unlock new levels and give you more ‘energy’ with which to play. On the studio website, the AGS team explained what led the e-commerce giant into the social gaming market, where even companies such as Zynga continue to stumble.

We know that many Amazon customers enjoy playing games – including free-to-play social games – and thanks to Amazon’s know-how, we believe we can deliver a great, accessible gaming experience that gamers and our customers can play any time.

Whether this venture will prove profitable for Amazon remains to be seen. If Living Classics sounds like your kind of social game, watch the trailer below and give the game a whirl yourself over on Facebook.


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Source Amazon Game Studios


How Draw Something became an overnight hit

Over the past few weeks, Draw Something has become massive, with over 30,000,000 downloads on iOS and Android. GigaOm‘s interview with the CEO of OMGPOP, Dan Porter, explains how it all happened.


Draw Something, the No. 1 app right now on iOS (s aapl) and Android (s goog), is listed as a game and draws a lot of comparisons to the family game Pictionary. But the funny thing is that it’s not really a game at all.

It doesn’t have scores or leaderboards, and the players in the game aren’t actually competing against each other. They’re working together in a cooperative manner, but they’re not taking on anyone else or a computer.

Instead, it’s more of a social communications app masquerading as a game, said OMGPOP CEO and Draw Something game designer Dan Porter.

I sat down with Porter Friday at OMGPOP’s New York office and asked him about how he pulled off the immense success of Draw Something, which has racked up 30 million downloads on iOS and Android in about five weeks. The app has generated about 2 billion…

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Facebook IPO filing crashes the SEC website

Facebook has filed for its IPO, and crashed the website of the Securities and Exchange Commision. The filing explains that the site has over 483 million daily users and made a profit of $1bn last year. Madness? I think so. I would buy shares, but I’m not a multi-billionaire like Zuck.