Microsoft slams Google Apps in new web video

Microsoft today released a video to their YouTube channel promoting their Office suite over Google Apps for Business for productivity. In the video, a soul singer representing Microsoft lists the faults and dangers of using Google Apps, while a ‘Googlighting stranger’ tries to act smooth and win over a potential customer who wants more than Google can provide. Whether this kind of direct attack video will catch on we don’t know, but the video itself is entertaining and can be watched below. Microsoft also set up a companion website with links explaining the differences between the services and of course the productivity advantages of working with Microsoft.

Google+ opens to teens as Digixav jumps on the bandwagon

Google announced today that anybody old enough to have a Google account may now upgrade to their Facebook-killer of a social network Google+. This is something that we at Digixav have been waiting for since launch, so we hurried over when we heard the news and made ourselves a page. We will do the odd hangout to make podcasts and have lively tech debates and we will find a way for our posts to go into your feeds if you want to put us in a circle. So, if you actually use G+, head on over to our page and +1 us or something. You know you want to.

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