The Poll: What is your favourite thing from CES?

It’s been great, but what is your favourite new thing?

The Poll: Will RIM exist in 2013?

Last time, we asked who actually uses Google+. We had a remarkable 50/50 split in the results with all who responded having a knowledge of the service.

Today, spurred on by their Biggest Flop award and our general hatred of them, we ask if Research In Motion, the failing makers of BlackBerry devices, will still exist this time next year.

The Poll: Do you use Google+?

Google+ was meant to be a Facebook killer, but interest seems to have waned among early adopters and many others have never even heard of the network, despite Google’s best attempts. This made us wonder who actually uses Google+? Vote below and let us know about your experiences in the comments.

The Poll: What is your favourite web browser?

If you need help with deciding what to vote for, take a look here.

The Poll: What is the best smartphone at the moment?